Free Superhero Cape Tutorial
September 15th, 2007 by georgia leigh

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Here you have it, the most popular, free sewing pattern for superhero capes on the internet. Thanks for coming and be sure to enter your photos in the Puking Pastilles Flickr Pool to win great prizes like fabric, patterns, and more!

NOW AVAILABLE: I have two size ranges of my PDF cape pattern in my shop now – sizes 2-7 AND 8-11. All the hard work is done for you for only $3.99!! The patterns also include TONS of fun applique patterns to make your own superhero logo. Visit my shop today!



Batman on one side and Superman on the other.

You can also make a girl version with a princess crown on one side and a Supergirl symbol on the other. I used pink and purple, but you could use your daughter’s favorite colors.

IMG_1975 IMG_1976

The instructions are for a Batman/Superman cape, but you could also make SuperWHY! or Obama, or whatever your little one desires.



For many superhero applique patterns, click on the link on the left side of the page.

Materials (Boy)
3/4 yard black fabric
3/4 yard red fabric
1 sheet each of red, yellow, and black felt (see picture below)
Heat n Bond Lite (fusible web)
red thread
black thread
small piece of Velcro
Download and print out superman and batman applique (PDF)

This is what the felt rack looks like at my Joann’s. Many fabric stores carry small pieces of craft felt (not wool!) that are very inexpensive. I think these were $.50 each.

If your child is older or taller, or if you just want the cape to be a lot longer than mine you might need to buy one yard of each fabric (or more).

All of the directions below can be applied to the girl cape, except use the princess crown applique instead of the batman applique. I’ve done a girl version in dark pink on one side and light pink on the other and it looks totally fantastic.

1. Measure your child from the shoulder down to the knee. This will be measurement A. You can decide how wide you would like your cape, or you can use my suggestion which is 20″.

2. Fold your fabric in half selvage to selvage. Using the picture below, mark your fabric with chalk or a fabric marker. The side measurement is A and the bottom is 10″ (or half of your desired width). **NOTE** I have a PDF version of the pattern for sale in my shop for just $5.75!


3. Cut out on your chalk lines. Place your black cape on top of your red fabric on the fold. Trace or pin and cut.

4. Using your printouts of the Superman and Batman (or princess) images, trace onto the paper side of the Heat n Bond Lite. Each image needs two pieces of felt, so for the Batman symbol trace the oval separate from the bat. For the Superman symbol, trace the triangle and the “S” separately.



5. Cut apart each shape (NOT on the lines!).

6. Iron the shapes onto the felt according to the directions on your fusible web. It only takes a few seconds to fuse the paper on.

IMG_2511 IMG_2510 IMG_2508

7. Cut out each shape on the lines. Peel paper off.

IMG_2512 IMG_2513

8. Iron the shapes onto the right side of the cape. Batman on the black; Superman on the red.

**It is very common for red fabrics to change color with heat (temporarily!). Do not be alarmed if your red fabric has darker spots where you ironed. Once the fabric cools off it will return to its normal color.**


9. Stitch around the edges of the appliques. I like to use a regular zigzag stitch at the default width. Since felt does not fray in the wash, there is no need to cover the edges completely. However, if you are a pro with applique, a satin stitch would look very nice.



10. Pin cape pieces right sides together and stitch using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Leave a six inch opening on the bottom for turning it inside out.

11. Trim seam allowances and clip curves (clip valleys, notch mountains).


12. Turn the cape right side out and press.

13. Edgestitch around the entire cape (using black thread on the top and red thread in the bobbin).


Try the cape on your child and mark where you want the velcro to go. Stitch velcro on.


All done! One happy little boy (or girl)!


***Please do not sell items that you make from this tutorial or with my applique patterns. I offer the applique patterns for free, but they are copyrighted images, so they shouldn’t be sold. :) ***

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  • LizWake writes:
    December 22nd, 20108:41 pmat

    Thank you so much! I just made a Curious George cape for my friend’s son and I think I am going to make more! I really appreciate the great instructions and pictures.

  • Mulberry Mama writes:
    December 28th, 20108:38 amat

    I made this for my superhero-crazy 3 year old son for Christmas. It was his favorite gift! He’s wearing it as we speak….complete with his Superman pajamas. Thanks for a great tutorial! When I get a chance to blog I’ll be linking to you. Happy New Year!

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  • Sarah writes:
    January 14th, 20114:40 pmat

    I made this cape in a few hours just by reading the steps. It was very easy. I put my own letter one it for my son and his friend. Thank you very much.

  • Lisa writes:
    January 24th, 20115:07 amat

    Thank you, just what I wanted for my daughters princess and princes party. Brilliant!

  • Amy @ Positively Splendid writes:
    January 29th, 201110:22 amat

    My mom made a cape for each of my older children, and they turned out adorable! I hope it is okay that I shared the link to your tutorial/pattern on my blog.

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  • Stacey writes:
    March 10th, 201112:41 pmat

    Thanks so much for the pattern and how-to. After my son has been running around the house in towels I realized it was time to make something for him. I love the applique patterns that you provided, but instead decided to personalize my son’s cape using his favorite football team’s logo and on the other side the John Deere logo. Thanks for the great ideas, made it a productive morning for me!

  • Revia writes:
    March 17th, 20111:09 pmat

    Excellent and inspirational guide! Have a theme party coming up for my kid and this should help make it a success!

  • Tricia writes:
    April 4th, 20115:17 amat

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! Just posted pics of the capes I’ve made as well as a link to this page:


  • Wendy writes:
    April 12th, 20119:08 pmat

    We are making capes for my son’s bday party. I’m using cotton broadcloth but had not planned on doubleing the fabric. Do you think it is necessary? Will the felt applique be too heavy or stay on?

  • Jorja writes:
    April 16th, 20113:10 pmat

    Yes, you need to iron them on from bottom to top, otherwise there’s too much bulk to iron through.

  • Jorja writes:
    April 16th, 20113:14 pmat

    Hi Wendy,

    The main point of doubling the fabric is so the edges are finished, so if you only make it one-sided you’ll have the problem of what to do with the raw edges. Zigzaging should work, but won’t look nearly as nice. :)

  • georgia leigh writes:
    April 22nd, 20113:37 pmat

    For anyone else asking, there’s now a Spiderman applique on the Superhero Applique page. Thanks!

  • Mal writes:
    May 5th, 201111:49 amat

    Can anyone please suggest what fabric to use??? I am wanting to make a bunch for a kids cancer ward.. I have tried a satin fabric but it pulls… I need something that can be washed and is semi cheap.

    Thanks so much

    malmort01 at optonline net

  • georgia leigh writes:
    May 6th, 20119:02 amat

    I get this question a lot :) cotton broadcloth is cheap and comes in many colors.

  • Darts Games writes:
    May 6th, 20111:45 pmat

    The batman cape is super cute. My little boy wants to be batman this next Halloween, so I may have to show this to the wife and have her get out the sewing machine. Thanks for the tutorial.

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  • Cynthia writes:
    May 15th, 20117:45 amat

    Thanks so much for posting this tutorial! I linked to your page and posted my results here:
    The tutorial was really easy to follow and my son LOVES his cape!

  • Sandra Nelsen writes:
    May 18th, 20119:26 pmat

    I made my children a reversible Superman/Batman cape years ago, and my nephew wanted one. He just requested that I make one for his two year old daughter, who is obsessed with Batman. Thanks to your appliques, I can save my self some time. I think I’ll make hers the princess on one side, then her beloved Batman on the other side. Thanks again.

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  • Edda-mae writes:
    June 3rd, 20119:52 amat

    I just made this for my nephew!!! It was my first DIY sewing project ever, and it turned out so cute!!!! Thank you!

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  • Rose writes:
    July 18th, 20115:42 pmat

    Very creative! Interested in making a few for my kids? If so, email me. Thanks!

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  • Aidan's mom writes:
    September 24th, 20115:00 amat

    I made a red/black one about a year and a half ago – the red side was probably broadcloth or something and had a big yellow star and a red A for Aidan. I didn’t have the patience for a reverse side but I made the black a soft taffeta; it was my first big sewing project. He likes it a lot, but this Halloween he really wants to be Super Why. The costume is online only and gets pretty poor reviews – so we’re making our own. Here goes a Super Why cape – I’m thinking Spiderman for the reverse. Last time I had a problem figuring out where to leave the hole to turn it inside out. I ended up using the neck area and I never got it quite right.

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  • Mountain mom writes:
    January 31st, 20127:52 pmat

    Bravo I got some for tween and niece
    It’s so BRILL thanks for showpieces.

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    What, no GOP stickers? Hmmmm….. Figures

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  • Huma writes:
    February 27th, 20131:38 pmat


    Thanks so much for providing this tutorial. What material do you use for the cape and how wide is the material? Also I’m making about 20 of these for my son’s superhero party, any advice? Do you have a tutorial on masks as well? Thanks!

  • Saga writes:
    July 4th, 201310:55 amat

    Love it :-) . Thanks for the todo list, on cape.

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