Free Car CD Holder / Case Tutorial
October 10th, 2009 by georgia leigh

puking patterns - 244


You’ll love this little piece of sunshine in your car! Not only is it fabulously chic, it holds all your favorite Muse music and DVD’s. And as an added bonus, you get to use up a bunch of scraps from your stash!

This free sewing tutorial was a winner of the Scrap Buster Contest over at Sew, Mama Sew! Enjoy!

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  • 1/6 yd Pellon Peltex (or at least 6″ of yardage – I actually had enough leftover from other projects)
  • I use Peltex 72 which is a double-sided fusible STIFF interfacing. When I say stiff, I mean that it is 1/16″ thick (or about 2 mm). It is used in bag making quite often and can be used to make fabric postcards. There are other brands like Timtex which I’ve heard is fabulous. It was out of “print” for a while, but has made a come-back.

    Now, if you can’t find anything like this (it would be found with the interfacings or with the stabilizers in the fabric store and in many shops on the internet), you could use fusible fleece. In fact, the first one I made I used fusible fleece. It is a bit floppy, but it doesn’t really matter since it is always strapped to your visor. Don’t worry if the product you choose is only fusible on one side. Just baste the backing on before you attache the bias tape.

  • fat eighth of main print for backing and front background
  • scraps!
  • 1 pkg extra wide double fold bias tape (or make your own)
  • 2 – 6″ pieces of elastic (more or less depending on the stretch of the elastic and how large your sun visors are in your car – you can test your elastic by stretching it around the back of your visor, bringing it to the front about two inches on the top and bottom)
    • Scraps

    You can make this with 22 small scraps (4.5″ x 6″ pieces) or 11 larger scraps (9″ x 6″). I’ll show you how to use both options (I actually use a combination of both).

    To begin, you need to choose the fabrics you would like to use. I gathered up a couple piles of scraps that I thought might go together. Grab everything you like; you can filter out the not-so-great ones later.
    You can go matchy-matchy (all fabrics from one line, maybe some left over from a quilt) like these:

    puking patterns - 211

    Or pick one larger print and match the other scraps to it like this pile:

    puking patterns - 210

    I decided to go with the latter. I weeded out the ones that I didn’t like as much at this point. Once you’ve picked your scraps, it is time to cut!


    1 – 13.75″ x 5.75″ rectangle of Peltex
    2 – 13.75″ x 5.75″ rectangles of the large print (I’ll call these “main panels” from now on)

    puking patterns - 214

      Next, cut:

    22 – 4.5″ x 5.75″ pieces of scraps
    11 – 9″ x 5.75″ pieces of scraps

    puking patterns - 213 OR puking patterns - 215

    You’ll end up with a nice pile of rectangles:

    puking patterns - 216


    Next you need to fuse one of your main panels to one side of your Peltex. Iron lightly just enough so it sticks. Peltex is fusible on both sides, so you don’t want to iron your project to your ironing board. You could also put wax paper down underneath as you iron.

    puking patterns - 217

    If you are using the 22 smaller scraps, you’ll need to decide which ones you want to show (half of them will be inside the pockets, so they wont’ show). Take these 11 and pair them with the 11 you don’t want to show. Sew each pair together on the longer side (5.75″) with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

    puking patterns - 223

    Iron the seam open.

    puking patterns - 224

    And fold the piece, wrong sides together. Press.

    puking patterns - 225

    Now, if you’re using the larger (9″ x 5.75″) scraps, fold each one in half, matching the short ends with wrong sides together.

    puking patterns - 218 puking patterns - 219

    Now that your pockets are all pressed and ready to go, you need to decide what order you want them in. Lay them out on top of your Peltex (on the side with the fabric fused on already).

    puking patterns - 227


    Take your Peltex and the first pocket piece (the one on the very left) and place the fold of the pocket 1 3/4″ from the raw edge of the Peltex as shown below:

    puking patterns - 229

    Sew it down on the right side using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

    puking patterns - 228

    Grab the next pocket piece from your pre-arranged pile and place the fold 3/4″ from the fold of the first pocket. Sew a 1/4″ seam on the right side.

    puking patterns - 230

    Repeat this step with the next 9 pocket pieces, sewing each one down. You might want to lay them all out and check the intervals making sure the last piece matches up with the raw edge on the right end before you sew.

    puking patterns - 231

    Once all of your pockets have been sewn on, baste the raw edges down on the long sides of the Peltex.

    puking patterns - 233

    Now you need to fuse the other main panel to the back side of the Peltex. Press this one for a long time to ensure you have a good bond. Turn it over and press all your pockets as well.

    puking patterns - 234

    Place your elastic pieces 3 5/8″ from each end of the Peltex. Sew the ends on 1/4″ from the raw edges.

    puking patterns - 235

    Now you’re ready to bind it. Take your bias tape and open it up to show the center crease.

    Video Sewing Lesson

    puking patterns - 237

    Starting on a corner, Place the edge of your CD holder inside the middle crease of the bias tape. Pin carefully, especially through the areas that are the thickest. Sew your tape close to the edge, mitering the corners: at each corner you want the crease to continue running along the raw edge of your project. As you turn the corner, fan open the bias tape and continue running the crease along the next edge for an inch or so. Then fold the bias tape closed again, laying each side down on the front and back. This will make a nice corner, making a 45 degree fold at the corner.

    puking patterns - 238

    At the end, fold under the bias tape so that no raw edges are left exposed. Voila! Chic CD holder:

    puking patterns - 239

    puking patterns - 243

    Now fill it with your favorite CD’s, put it in your car, and put on some tunes (or books on CD to keep the kids entertained!).

    puking patterns - 246

    77 Responses  
    • Jorja writes:
      September 2nd, 20108:23 pmat

      Hi Brittany!

      It actually only takes me about an hour to make the CD holder, but I’ve made a lot of them:) The longest part is cutting out all the pieces!

    • salty » linky links writes:
      September 3rd, 20107:16 amat

      […] Car CD Holder Tutorial @ Puking Pastilles […]

    • Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl) writes:
      September 9th, 20109:26 pmat

      Jorja, thanks for the time estimate. I’m almost done making mine now. I cut the pieces for 4 at once but am only sewing the one tonight. This was such a great project for TheTshirtDiaries stashbusting September challenge! Do you mind if I share the link to your tutorial? And also, I want to make sure you don’t mind if I use one as a giveaway on my blog.

      Thanks again for the tutorial. Your directions were super easy to follow.


    • Jorja writes:
      September 11th, 201012:56 pmat

      Of course I don’t mind! Thanks!

    • Karen writes:
      September 26th, 20106:36 pmat

      Thanks for the tute, I made one today from the pattern on and now I found yours it is soooo much better and
      logical. thanks a boodle.

    • Jorja writes:
      September 26th, 20108:55 pmat

      Glad to be of help! Thanks!

    • gullotine writes:
      November 16th, 20108:02 pmat

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    • gullotine writes:
      November 16th, 20108:03 pmat

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    • daffy writes:
      May 6th, 20118:06 amat

      Love your idea and the fabric used…

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    • Meeya writes:
      November 30th, 201112:24 amat

      Brilliant images & instructions – thank you!! Just made 2 of them, a boy one and a girl one to hold DVDs for our big road trip in 2 weeks. Will save SO much space in not having to bring all the cases along :) Thanks again – loved it!!

    • DIY Blogs :) by tonigoulden - Pearltrees writes:
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    • dannie writes:
      January 26th, 20123:43 pmat

      Hey, Great job!!!!
      Thanks for the tutorial.

    • Tuesday Tutorial (a little late): Travel Book Storage writes:
      February 7th, 20128:00 pmat

      […] I couldn’t find a tutorial anywhere, so I found one for a CD visor, so I adapted mine to work for my kids’ coloring books and […]

    • Jennifer writes:
      February 27th, 201210:40 pmat

      My daughter and I are just beginners at sewing. We have been looking for a few relatively simple projects to try out with out new sewing machine. This looks like a winner to me! It will also make a great gift idea as well. I can’t think of a single driver in my family who won’t enjoy one of these, made with fabrics in their favorite colors. Thanks sew much for the great project!!!!

    • verov94 writes:
      March 12th, 201212:31 amat

      thank you to put a translator on your site

    • barbiegirldawn writes:
      June 17th, 20123:28 pmat

      I just made this but I don’t have a sewing machine. Do you have a no sew method to share? I used some spray adhesive and lots of ironing. Thanks for a great project!

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      September 21st, 20125:15 pmat

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    • Erika writes:
      December 11th, 20126:00 pmat

      why no pinning?! That’s how I keep track of most things now.

    • Zoraida writes:
      January 1st, 20134:31 pmat

      Made one of these today…..great and easy to follow directions. I used some scraps from my stash. I know my kids will be getting one each for their extensive cd collections. :)
      Thanks for sharing!

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    • Leah writes:
      May 6th, 20149:45 pmat

      I know you posted this ages ago, but can you make one of these with duct tape?

    • I pimped my car… | Rita's Design writes:
      December 19th, 201412:27 amat

      […] we collected over the years I sewed a very practical and also great-looking CD holder. I followed this tutorial for that.  This CD holder turned out very well and we love it! Easy to reach the CDs without […]

    • Maddy writes:
      June 18th, 20158:03 pmat

      As a beginner sewer (I have made about two real things so far) this tutorial is so easy to follow! I successfully made my cd case in less than an hour. Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial!

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