Brother Buttonhole Snap-on Foot Tutorial
June 5th, 2009 by georgia leigh

So I volunteered to make a tutorial on how to use my buttonhole foot/attachment for Sew, Mama, Sew’s awesome Sewing Machine Month. I didn’t know until I had volunteered that I get a free yard of fabric for it, so I’m totally stoaked about this little tutorial you’re about to enjoy.


My buttonhole foot is called the XC2691051 Snap-on Buttonhole Foot for the following Brother models: CS8060, CS8100, CS8150, CS8200, NX200, NX400, and NX600.

The first thing you’ll want to do when making a buttonhole, is to mark the placement of the buttonhole on your project:


This special foot does the entire buttonhole for you with no stopping and even knows how big to make the hole. In order to make the correct size buttonhole, you need to put the button you’ll be using into the foot. Pull the plastic tab as shown here until the button is snugly sitting in the foot:


Remove your presser foot from your machine and snap the buttonhole foot on:


Next choose the type of buttonhole you’d like to make from your choice of stitches. Mine all have the letter “A” above them so that I know the buttonhole foot is used to make that stitch. I’m using the regular, run-of-the-mill buttonhole for this project (stitch 27).


Now you’re ready to make your buttonhole! Center the open part of the foot over the end of the buttonhole that is CLOSEST to you. The buttonhole is made backwards, which I find very odd, but it is important to remember this or you’ll be pulling a lot of threads out! There are red and green tick marks on the foot that serve as guides for centering the foot exactly where you need it.


The next step is crucial in getting your foot to work! You need to pull down the gray lever with the buttonhole picture on it and push it behind the plastic tab on your buttonhole foot. The machine won’t do anything without doing this step:

button forgot

Make sure your threads are underneath the foot and start sewing! All you need to do is watch and press on the pedal. It will make the whole buttonhole (as well as some stability stitches underneath the final stitching) by itself. You’ll know it is done when it slows down automatically and stops moving. At this point it is making some anchor stitches, so let it make two or three before letting off the pedal. Lift your foot and clip your threads. Voila!


I do like to pull the threads from the beginning of the buttonhole to the back of the project and make a square knot for stability. Use a seam ripper to open up the buttonhole (or scissors if you, like me, have misplaced all four of your seam rippers).

That’s it! Easy Peasy, Nice and Cheesy! Next up: the button foot!

Oops, I forgot one thing! Don’t forget to take the button out of your buttonhole foot:) I always forget and spend the next five minutes looking for that “lost” button. . .heh.


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  • Jenny writes:
    July 9th, 20142:14 amat

    Hi, I have a Brother XL-5031. You have a great tutorial, but I cant get my material to move, so I just get bunched up stitches. Mine doesn’t look quite like your. When the metal pull down lever is behind the plastic piece my lines at the front don’t line up at the front. Hope you understand and someone can help

  • Hillary writes:
    January 1st, 20156:53 pmat

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. All this time I couldn’t get my stupid machine to see a buttonhole…not knowing it was a USER error. That stupid gray tab!!!! Argh!

  • colleen writes:
    January 22nd, 20153:50 pmat

    I have a Brother XR-7700 sewing machine. I am not able to get my button hole foot to work. The material will not move and when I put the gray lever I get the message of E2. I have used it in the past with no problem. Please help. Thanks

  • M Grace Gonzales writes:
    June 13th, 20158:46 amat

    Can you please do a very visual detailed video for setting up and using the buttonhole maker on the 2600i. I am very frustrated.

  • lison writes:
    July 17th, 20158:57 amat

    I have a brother xl 3022. my buttonhole foot does not have anything for the lever to touch so i cant get the button hole done.

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