The Opposite Of
January 12th, 2009 by georgia leigh

In college we used to use the phrase “the opposite of” A LOT. Like when you really hated something, you’d say “that is the opposite of awesome.”

A lot of bloggers love to share wonderful things they have found on the internets. I would like to share some things that I so do not love (or, should I say are the opposite of cool) that I have found on the internets.

1. Beyonce. She’s scary and have you seen her new video? Not even I will link to that.
2. Westminster’s new Minimum Advertised Pricing policy. Lame. Some people seem to love it, but I do not.
3. FRAM. For those of you unfamiliar to the term, it is SPAM sent by your friends and family. You know, the latest personality quiz that you have to send to everyone or you’ll have bad luck for the rest of your natural life. Opposite of cool.
4. Copyright nazi’s. I’m sorry, but you’ve gotta have a law degree to REALLY understand this stuff, so don’t go there.
5. This isn’t on the internet, but it bugs. The word “sandwich” does not have an “M” in it. It would be like every adult suddenly saying “valentime” instead of “Valentine”—cute when you’re 3, not 30.
6. Montages on YouTube. You know the ones. Some crazy person has taken the time to put some clips or photos together to music and name it something that you’re searching for. Example.

Okay, that’s enough for today, I think. To end it, I need to post a photo because I haven’t in ages. This is cute Joseph enjoying the snow (first of MANY we have gotten in the past weeks). For some reason he’s the only one who actually wants to play in it. Catherine just wants to shovel people’s sidewalks, Seth wants to do one snow angel and go in, but Joseph is hard core.

And check out those eyelashes.


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  • Morgan writes:
    January 13th, 20093:26 amat

    Why do boys get the best eyelashes? Those are really amazing. Martin likes the snow, but Vivian’s a little spotty. She likes to scrape things with her pretending ice scraper (a kid’s plastic hanger), and she likes to stomp on things Martin makes. You can imagine how he feels about that. And are you serious about samwich? If you leave out the “d”, you end up saying “samwich” (and then it soon ends up being “sammich”), but if you leave in the “d”, it’s “sandwich” definitely not “samdwich”. I didn’t know that was taking over. Wonder if it’s a regional thing.

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