Holidays at Home
December 11th, 2008 by georgia leigh

I think I would title it: “Bad Economy gives rise to Handmade Holidays”

naw, I’m just kidding. I always make a butt-load of gifts each year. It just seems that I made more than usual this time around. I can’t really post about most of them because either: a) the recipient reads this blog, or b) I can’t lock my kids out of my room long enough to take a photo of the item, or c) I haven’t actually made it yet. ahem.

Bed Buddies

I thrifted these stuffed animals for $.50 a piece (I tried to pick brand-new looking ones), washed them, and pulled their stuffing out. Then I made small rice bags to put in each of their tummies (rice with some orange oil and cinnamon–I wanted to use flax seed, but I decided to go the economical route. If anything they will smell like orange-y popcorn). They can be tossed in the microwave for a minute or so for a nice warm buddy to take to bed.


Car Buddy

We spend a lot of time taking people to and from school, so I thought Juliet could benefit from a blanket that contained her bear (her preferred item of comfort) and her binkie that could also keep her warm in the winter months. This little quilt does just that: it has a pocket sized just right for her build-a-bear (pictured with a dirty Care Bear that was on the floor of my room) and a lanyard for her binkie. Ironically, the dentist just told us we need to take her binkie away to prevent further crowding of her teeth. I really wanted to tell him that her big X-mas present this year is practically centered around it, but I restrained myself. Pretty sure he wouldn’t have cared. I guess I’ll just put a toy there instead.

juliet's blankie

juliets blanket2

Our Sad Attempt at Snow Globes

I guess I didn’t get the memo that Super Glue is water soluble. So these snow globes didn’t turn out as great as I had hoped. The little toy is swimming around in what looks like a tornado, instead of sitting calmly in a snowstorm. Plus, I expected to find tons of jars with lids at the thrift store and only found a couple. I thought Utah was the land of canning? Maybe people just keep their mason jars. These were supposed to be for the kids’ teachers. I don’t think I’m going to have the energy to pull out the glitter again before school is out, so this will have to do.

snow globes

So there you have it. A few projects that I’m glad I finished long before the Christmas crunch. I’m working on a pattern for the quilt, so don’t go selling my idea…..;)

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

6 Responses  
  • Holly writes:
    December 14th, 20084:50 pmat

    You’re awesome!!

    Happy Holidays!

  • Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog » » Holidays at Home writes:
    December 17th, 20088:45 amat

    […] I have no scientific basis for thinking this would work better than Super Glue. Click in for some other fun ideas for inexpensive, but very nice, gifts for […]

  • mara writes:
    December 17th, 20081:26 pmat

    these are all awesome — i especially like the idea of re-using thrifted stuffies. brilliant! and that blankie is so special & innovative. (I need something like that for my coffee and remote control.)

  • elmc92 writes:
    December 18th, 200810:28 pmat

    We made snowglobes too, except we used aquarium sealant to glue the little figures down and to seal the lids on so they wouldn’t leak. We used tiny figures broken off other ornaments and those tiny baby food jars. So far, the only ones that are floating are the glass ones that had painted bottoms. I guess the paint chipped off.

  • Jorja writes:
    December 19th, 200811:38 amat

    aquarium sealant–why didn’t I think of that? Next year’s will definitely be better. I fixed some of them up with hot glue and it worked 75% of the time….

  • Elizabeth writes:
    December 23rd, 20081:33 pmat

    I had no idea about superglue. I wonder about hot glue too–whether the moisture would eventually seep under the seal. Did you use baby oil for the liquid inside the snowglobe?

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