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May 14th, 2011 by georgia leigh

I’ve been hinting on Facebook and right here on the blog that big changes are coming to Puking Pastilles very soon. I’m not quite ready to announce it yet, but I did want to give you a sneak peek of what we have in store for you when the big event arrives.


I bought tons of goodies today because we are going to have a whole WEEK of giveaways to commemorate the BIG CHANGE. Yay!

The first giveaway will coincide with Sew, Mama, Sew’s May Giveaway Day 2011 which will be May 23rd. Mark your calendars because this one will be a doozie! After that we’ll have another totally fantastic giveaway every day for a week. It will blow your mind. For realz, yo.

Also, I have THE cutest baby in the universe. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before about another one of our babies, but it’s always the truth. Testify.




Don’t forget to SAVE THE DATE!

Monday, May 23rd is the big announcement and the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Free stuff and you.

6 Responses  
  • Michelle Balletti writes:
    May 14th, 201111:36 pmat

    Okay, great news on the giveaway but more importantly, OMG, the baby is adorable!! She really resembles you!!

  • Marillyln Kingsley writes:
    May 15th, 201111:11 pmat

    Yes, you’re right. That is the cutest baby ever!

  • Holly writes:
    May 16th, 201110:28 amat

    Ohh how exciting! And yes, you have an absolutely adorable baby. :)

  • VickiT writes:
    May 16th, 20112:21 pmat

    OOh fun toys in that picture. I will have to agree that’s an adorable baby but only because my granddaughter is 3 yrs old now. 😉

  • suze67 writes:
    May 18th, 20113:08 pmat

    Very cute. Can’t wait for the big changes!

  • Cassandra writes:
    May 20th, 201111:54 amat

    Your baby is super-cute! I can’t wait to hear your announcement!

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