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May 10th, 2011 by georgia leigh

My brain is only working in small tidbits of information these days. I’m hoping when school is done I’ll be doing a bit better. Also, our big changes (coming SOON!) are frying my brain in a different way. Oh, and we’re refinancing our mortgage right now. It’s all so much to process.

1. Last night Seth asked me how long it would take for a tooth to fall out if you NEVER wiggled it.

2. Eli threw up this morning. Twice. The second time he did it Catherine ran and got him a bucket to puke in. The kid knows the drill.

3. While sitting in front of a 1% gallon of milk, Joseph told Dave that kids drink lowfat milk, but babies (meaning, Eli) can drink bigfat milk.

4. During church someone was talking about “dear friends” who have helped her get through a difficult time. Joseph looked up at me incredulously and said, “Deer friends??” The rest of church was spent imagining everyone in the family with deer antlers.

5. Seth had a solo in church on Sunday for the Mother’s Day program. After the song was over he told a couple of people sitting on the stand that he had the most important part. Humility runs deep in our family.

6. Dave put in some new lightbulbs in the bathroom (all but one had been burnt out for much longer than I like to admit). Let’s just say that living in darkness is bliss.

7. Our yard looks like a scooter gang stopped for the night.

8. A stranger came to our door holding Eli and asked, “Is this one yours?” Yeah. He was making a run for it while I was unloading groceries.

9. Juliet’s birthday was on Saturday, but has been EXTREMELY persuasive that she should still be the birthday girl.

I always get stuck at 10. You can fill in the blank, like mad libs. Here: Think of an adjective and a verb (past tense). Now put it in the blanks below:

10. I have mopped the _________ floor no less than three times this week and yet it still looks like a dog ______________ all over it.


11. While cleaning, I picked up a wooden ruler and noticed this written on the back, “I hAte You roollr.”

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  • Holly writes:
    May 10th, 20117:28 pmat

    I’m sorry I laughed right out loud at #11, thanks for the giggle. Birthday girls (and boys) are very persuasive here too, yet somehow I seem to have missed out on it, hmm, that’s not fair. Good luck with all your big changes, I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    #10. I have mopped the kitchen no more than three times this week and yet it still looks like a dog danced with muddy paws (and who is massively shedding by the way) all over it. Umm yeah we have three dogs as well as two gloriously beautiful daughters (who aren’t humble at all), two cats, a dwarf bunny and two goldfish. The fish at least contain their mess to the aquarium. :)

  • Morgan writes:
    May 13th, 201110:58 amat

    Gotta watch out for those roollrs.

  • Courtney writes:
    May 13th, 20119:40 pmat

    I have to agree with you 100% on the bathroom lights. I’ve had 6 out of the row of 8 above my bathroom mirror burned out for a year. I made the mistake of replacing said dead ones last week. They are just downright cruel. I’m going to pull them out!

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