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October 3rd, 2010 by georgia leigh

We made it back to Provo in one piece and the kids survived (and actually enjoyed) four different babysitters. They were at our next door neighbor’s house when we got home and they didn’t want to come home with us. Hah! We have very cool neighbors.

First, I am SUPER excited about this new bag I made for myself:

front of muse bag

I’m working on a free pattern that will be ready just in time for Christmas and will be posted on Sew, Mama, Sew for their Handmade Holidays event. I’m a board member this year and it is going to be a good one!

new muse bag!

It is just big enough for a laptop, has a phone pocket and would be great for that guy on your list. OR that audiophile with their favorite band’s logo on the front 😉

We made it to Albuquerque in record time, which was perfect because we were cutting it very close. We got there in time to eat Taco Cabana (YUM) and check into our hotel.

We don’t have Taco Cabana here, so we were excited to find out that they have them in NM!

Off we went to the concert with plenty of time to buy a shirt for Dave. Here I am waiting in a very long line to get it. We made our way to the front and waved exact change around until someone came to help us. There were some teenagers next to me complaining very loudly that they had been waiting for half an hour (which I’m sure was a gross exaggeration) whereas “those people” – meaning us – are in the front and they’re going to get helped. I almost turned to them and said, “But did you drive 9 hours to get here?” But I refrained myself. Dave’s been wanting that shirt for a while and they always sell out of his size, so yay! I’m wearing Dave’s jacket to hide my camera that we snuck in :) I unzipped it once we were inside, so you can see the strap (which, incidentally, broke right as I was taking it off. Oh well, guess it’s time for a new strap!)

my new bag I made!

Our seats were A. MAZE. ING. Dave bought the “limited view” seats, knowing that Muse’s stage is circular, so there’s no such thing as limited view. Boy was he right. Look how close we are!!

us! RIGHT by the stage

We could practically see them sweat. It was so seriously cool. Being able to see Matthew Bellamy’s hands up close especially when he was playing the piano was a huge treat!

I did manage to get some totally fabulous photos before the official Muse photographer asked me to stop. Like I said before, all he said to me was “Your lens is too big.” What I should have said was “No, YOUR lens is too big.” Because it was! Like a foot long! I really hope he got a picture of them popping the huge eyeball balloons on each other because that was hilarious. They drop these balloons at their shows into the general admission and occasionally one will get onto the stage, but the crowd threw at least 6 or 7 up there. No camera for that part, but it was very memorable.



He was wearing pink pants! They were fabulous!


And check out Chris’s suit:

chris and his stripey suit


Matt even played the Star Spangled Banner Jimmy Hendrix style and totally got lost. Then Chris and Dom laughed at him. Hah!


I don’t really understand the double guitar, but it sure looks cool!

muse - matthew's double guitar

The next morning we got up early and had Whataburger for breakfast :) Always open 24 hours, gotta love it.


On our way out of town we caught the Balloon Fiesta (which apparently is the only thing that happens there all year long and why I had such a hard time finding a reasonably priced hotel room).



I heard you can get rides so if you’ve ever wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, you should go!

Then we got stuck in one of the reservation towns in NM for a solid hour and a half because they had a parade that morning (at least that’s what we could figure). The kids in the truck in front of use were selling drinks. They looked so hot and were so cute that Dave bought some water.


Once we finally got out, we passed several truckloads of windmill blades. From my count, there were enough to make three windmills. SO HUGE!


A lovely sunset was waiting for us at home.


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  • Coconut Pie writes:
    October 4th, 20105:21 amat

    I hope little V looks at your blog. She loved our windmills in Wilkes-Barre. We remember her every time we see them. Awesome trip. Glad you had fun.

  • Beth writes:
    October 4th, 20109:31 pmat

    Looks and sounds like a wonderful time!!! Good for you and your hubby for making some time for the just the 2 of you. Oh, and that bag is great!!!

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