Baby Headband Tutorial
Aug 12th, 2007 by georgia leigh

I’ve been wanting to make a headband for my little angel (one that doesn’t squeeze the juice out of her little noggin) especially since I’m tired of sticking stuff to her head with KY Jelly. finished-headband.jpg

I have put together this tutorial so you can make one for your little pumpkin too!

List of Materials

1. Scraps of light-weight fusible interfacing.

2. Scraps of lavender fabric.

3. Scraps of white with stars fabric.

4. Long strip of plain white fabric (at least 3 inches wide).

5. Coordinating button.

6. 1/4″ natural cotton elastic (length depends on the size of your baby’s cranium)

Getting Started


It is important that you use the natural cotton elastic because it is very soft and very stretchy. This is the key to making the headband comfortable for your little one. You will also need an iron (very hot, no steam), coordinating thread in your machine, and an all purpose needle for hand-stitching. I use my phone for calculations and taking notes (a piece of paper could be substituted for this tool).

If you don’t have a rotary cutter you can use scissors, but it is important to make a clean straight cut for the headband piece.

Measure baby’s head

Measure with a soft measuring tape around your baby’s head. Make sure it is just where you will be placing the headband. I lucked out with an even number–15″.

*Write down your measurement. Next multiply your measurement by 1.5 and round to the nearest quarter inch. Write it down as the length for your fabric strip.

*Use your rotary cutter and cut a fabric strip of the plain white fabric 2 1/4″ wide and the length that you just wrote down.

*Cut a length of elastic one half inch shorter than the measurement of your baby’s head. Use the same measuring tape that you used to make the measurement on your baby’s head (because if yours is like mine, it has been stretched out while being used for various things such as Ninja Turtle headbands and dog leashes).


*Now fold in your strip 1/2″ on one of the long sides. Press. Be sure not to use steam and press down flat (don’t move the iron). For tips on pressing click here.


*Fold and press the other side in 1/2″ as well.


*Next fold the strip in half lengthwise. Press.


*Now edge stitch on each long side of the band. leave a half inch unstitched on one end.

*Pull your elastic through the band. I have a nifty tool made by clover that makes this really easy, but you can also use a safety pin. Attach the safety pin on one end of the elastic and pull through the band. The safety pin is easy to grab while inside the fabric band.


*Pull the elastic out on each side and overlap about 1/2″ and zigzag the pieces together. Make sure it is nice and secure by stitching and backstitching a couple of times. Try this on your baby now to check how tight it is. Adjust as needed.


*Okay, now the fun part. This is sarcasm if you couldn’t detect the subtleness in my voice. Take the end of the band that has 1/2″ without edge stitching and fold it inside of itself about 1/2″. Next push the other raw end inside. It should look like the picture above when you’re done. You’ll need to use something other than your fingers to do the folding and the shoving. I used my cool clover brand tool that is meant for pulling elastics through tubes (and other fun tasks like turning tubes inside-out). Now stitch over all thicknesses. The band is finished!

Making the flower

This really is the fun part because your creativity can shine through. You’ll need to fuse the interfacing to your scraps. You’ll know how much of each fabric you need depending on what kind and size of petals you want. Mine are 4″ long and 1″ wide. You can make yours smaller or you can make more layers–be creative! I’ll be making some funkier ones with better colors once her wardrobe strays from the usual pink and purple newborn colors.


*Cut out your petals and layer them in the shape you want. Make sure they all overlap in one place. Mark this place with chalk or a disappearing marker and stitch in that spot. I used a zigzag stitch with the stitch length at zero.


*Next place the button on top of this stitching and stitch this in place.


*Hand stitch your flower to the headband. I made all the stitches through the white petals so they wouldn’t show on the final product.


*Try it on your sweetie!

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